Joplin Arts District is not just a designation, it’s a DESTINATION.

Spanning 56 blocks in Historic Downtown Joplin MO (B-12th Streets, Wall-Pennsylvania Streets) we are dedicated to building relationships with people in the arts & entertainments to encourage them to be part of this VIBRANT Arts community for Live/Work/Play lifestyle!

Joplin’s art community is thriving with a multitude of events and entertainment, including Art-Walk, art galleries, dance performances, theater and musicals, poetry readings, open mic and comedy, and live music.

As a destination on Route 66 (America’s Main Street), Joplin is host to exceptional mom and pop restaurants, coffee shops, bars, art galleries, boutiques, and the new Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex.


Joplin’s walkable downtown is bordered by Murphysburg’s Historic Homes to the west, and “East Town” to the east. A trolley system provides transit to and from motels, big box stores and restaurant chains, but we know the heart of Joplin still beats in Historic Downtown.

Joplin Arts District is a 501(C)(3) charitable corporation who uses funds to enhance our streets by paying artists to create public art and attract tourists to downtown through promotion.


Major Supporters

The Pinwheel represents the work of economic development in the art community. Blow harder, and it comes back around faster!